Receptor de Mannosa CD206

Luisa Martinez-Pomares, University of Nottingham, UK | Mannose receptor CD206
Ana C. Abbey-Molina, University of Granada, ES (SEI): Translation

The Mannosa receptor (MR) is a member of the family type lectin receptor Expressed in macrophages, dendritic cells and hepatic cells and lymphatic endothelium. Expression in macrophages and dendritic cells is regulated by cytokines and microbial products. It is an endocytic receptor recycling and is Constantly Between the plasma membrane and the membrane compartment early endosomes. Due to their Ability to Recognize endogenous and microbial molecules is thought to Have available any major role in homeostasis and immunity.

Structural domains of the mannose receptor:

Mannose receptor CD206 (mannose receptor CD206) _Figure 1

Mannose receptor CD206 Review: Jesus Gil, Würzburg, DE (SEI)
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